For patients who have already had contact with our intake coordinator and have been cleared to make an appointment please follow the link below to fill out intake paperwork. Do not fill out the Intake document if you have not been instructed to do so. Please be aware that clicking this link will direct you to AdobeSign to complete your paperwork. All information entered will be encrypted for your privacy. Please note, if you decide to email your information to yourself or others, to print it, to save it to your computer, or to take a screen shot, we can no longer attest to the privacy and security of your data and you will assume the risk of these actions.


Intake paperwork

To authorize Boston Psychiatric Care to release your protected health information to a particular person, health care provider, hospital, or agency please click below to sign a Release of Infomation document. Please remember that you may retract a release at any time you choose by requesting to Boston Psychiatric Care that you no longer authorize this individual, hospital, or agency.

Release of Information Form

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